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Gas  Detector
Gas Detectors
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Korea Gas Detector
Gas Detector ,Portable ,Fixed gas , Address
ESD  Material  and  Static Meter
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Smoke Detector


Smoke Detectors
Smoke detectors respond to the combustion products emitted by burning materials.
 All smoke detectors report fires that emit visible smoke.Smoke detectors using ionization techniques
for detection can also respond to fires which produce little or no visible smoke.
Our smoke detectors are almost always connected our NOVA-5000 Fire Alarm Control System
to report conditions toa central control point and alert personnel. For special applications,
our smoke detectors are also available as a stand alone device.
S250 Ionization Smoke Detector  responds to the first traces of a fire
by sensing both visible smoke and invisible products of combustion.
S260 Photoelectric Smoke Detector is recommended for locations
where a smoldering fire that produces visible smoke is expected.
Especially useful in commercial kitchens where cooking fumes can trigger ionization detectors.
S270 Intrinsically Safe Photoelectric Smoke Detector is the only smoke detector useable in hazardous
areas where flammable liquidsor gases may be present. When installed with
the companion intrinsic safe barrier, the S270 will not produce a sparkthat could cause an explosion.
■ Feature
* Available to connect with any fire control panel
* High Reaction Speed with Alarm
(Red LED Lamp and Buzzer sound)