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Gas  Detector
Gas Detectors
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Flame Detector


Flame Detectors
Flame detectors report the presence of visible fires within a protected area. All flames emit visible light plus
invisible infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Our flame detectors use these invisible radiations to distinguish between
a real flame and other sources of radiation that are visible to the detector. The flame detector may be connected to
a fire alarm control system, or can function as a stand alone device to alert personnel or to shut down
equipment in case of a fire.


F110 Ultraviolet Flame Detector & Controller detects flames by sensing the ultraviolet (UV) radiation produced during
a combustion process. This traditional method of detection is usable inside buildings and enclosures where
the detector is isolated from sources of false alarms.


F120 Triple-Mode UV/IR Flame Detector & Controller  uses the latest state of the art processor and circuitry,
detecting both the UV and IR radiations fro(m) a flame. Provides rapid detection of flame, while ignoring typical false or
nuisance alarms caused by either EMI, lightning, x-rays, gamma radiation, arc welding, reflected sunlight,
or discharge light sources.


Portable Flame Detector Test lamps are specifically designed portable sources of ultraviolet
or ultraviolet/infrared radiation for verifying that SST flame detectors are operating properly.



Flame Detector

(UV/IR & Explosion-proof Type)

Model No. FD-2001

■ Feature
* Wide Sensing Range
* Designed with micro-processor
* Continuous monitoring - Power Supply and Voltage
* Test available with IR remote control
* Output Current : 4-20mA
* RS-232, RS-485 communication output
* Explosion proof Structure

Fire Standards require the use of Manual Alarm Stations in all areas occupied by people.
A person can see a fire and activate a manual station faster than any detector can report the fire.
The stations must be easily identified as fire alarms and easy to operate by untrained personnel.
It is typical to provide a manual station at each exit door of the area. Inside the area,
a typical requirement is to locate additional stations so that any person would never be more than 30 feet (9.1 m)
from a manual pull station.



M400& M450 Manual Fire Alarm Pull Stations  are high quality die cast metal units designed for quick,
reliable reporting of fire alarms. Available in explosion proof and general purpose versions.
M410 & M460 Extinguishant Release Inhibit Stations
M410 & M460 Extinguishant Release Inhibit Stations are used to allow building occupants to override automatic
release of extinguishing agents. Available in explosion proof and general purpose versions
Compact UV Lamps
Compact UV Lam
Compact UV Lamps
PL Series lamps includes the lightweight, compact UV Lamps (4 watt lamps) which fit comfortably in the hand.
This lamp is available in 115V, 230V and 12VDC versions.