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Gas  Detector
Gas Detectors
Gas Detectors and Sensor
Korea Gas Detector
Gas Detector ,Portable ,Fixed gas , Address
ESD  Material  and  Static Meter
The professional Air separation Solution
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Heat Detector


Heat Detectors
Heat Detectors respond to excessively high temperatures in the protected area, which are presumed
 to be the result of a fire in the area.Various techniques are used to distinguish between fire produced heat
and heat increases due to expected conditions in the area.Flame or Smoke detectors will usually respond
to a fire faster than heat detectors. But non-electronic styles of heat detectors(Our Model T300)
are considered to be the most reliable fire reporting device, and are therefore often used as
backups for the other fire detectors.
T300 Fixed Temperature Rate Compensated Heat Detector  has been the industry standard for over 25 years.
Use to detect over-temperatureconditions produced by fires. This item is explosion proof for use in hazardous locations,
and features all-metal construction.
T302IS Intrinsically Safe Rate of Rise Heat Detector is also useable in hazardous locations.
Circuit power levels are limited so the potentialto ignite an explosive atmosphere is eliminated.
Esthetically pleasing plastic construction is suitable for offices, sleeping rooms,
and display areas. Also allows installation without using metal conduits for the wiring.
T310 Fixed Temperature Rate of Rise Heat Detector
T310 Fixed Temperature Rate of Rise Heat Detector is for use in non-hazardous locations.
Esthetically pleasing plastic construction is suitable for offices, sleeping rooms, and display areas.
Heat Detector
Model No. HD-6000

■ Feature
* Available to connect with any fire control panel
* High Reaction Speed with Alarm
(Red LED Lamp and Buzzer sound)